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Interview with Wil 3 Author of "Heartly God?" 

Back in June I had the chance to interview Wil 3 about his new book “Heartly God?” for Donna Cavanagh and HO Press.

It was a fun interview to do and I would encourage everyone to give it a listen. Wil 3 gives us various insights into his personality and what went into the writing of his book. If you enjoy writing or the creative process in regard to character or story development then you might find this podcast episode of particular interest. You can find the book “Heartly God?” here on Amazon.

This episode entitled “HOPress HumorOutcasts Radio Wil3 Interview” was featured on the “Billy Dees” Podcast which is available on most of the major Internet Radio services including iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Stitcher, Google Play for Android, SoundCloud, and Spreaker.

For your convenience you can listen to it in this post.

Thanks and fun reading to you.

Listen to "HOPress HumorOutcasts Radio Wil3 Interview 6 15 2017" on Spreaker.

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