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Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that the people screaming about their right to free speech never listen to anyone else?

Have you ever noticed that “Breaking News” now means, “We still do not know anything more than we did an hour ago?”

Have you ever noticed that “beware of the dog” signs are usually posted in front of houses that you know damn well do not have a Godforsaken thing in them worth taking? Walking through the house would be an exercise in avoiding big piles of crap; some of which might actually belong to the dog.

Have you ever noticed that in order to legitimize any pseudo medical disorder all you have to do is attach the word “syndrome” to it? If you experience a painful itch in your groin area after working out then you may have “sticky tickly genitalia syndrome.”

Have you ever noticed that if you are not completely sensitive to the latest “syndrome du jour” or “the latest hip affliction everybody now has” trending on social media you are labeled a hater?

Have you ever noticed the sultry women whispering with a breathy voice in the Viagra commercials probably have had more experience with men suffering from premature ejaculation than erectile dysfunction?

Have you ever noticed those commercials are just a bit too short to enjoy to the fullest? Oh sorry, wait a minute let’s move on…

Have you ever noticed that electric cars need plugged in to charge? Where does the electricity come from much of the time? Mmmm, burning coal and other fossil fuels maybe?

Have you ever noticed that emailing has become on par with texting? “I emailed you the PDF over an hour ago haven’t you read it yet?”

Have you ever noticed that some posts just aren’t much focused and not worth clicking on?

Please notice that I am sorry.

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