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President-Elect Donald Trump and Where We Are Now

When editorializing politics I always feel the need to post a little disclaimer about the fact that I am not a partisan. With that being said, I wasn’t going to be thrilled with the outcome of the election of 2016 no matter who won. 

Now that the election is mercifully over I do believe that it is time to move on. It's one thing to have your voice heard in a changing Washington. However, too many people continue to protest in a way that promotes unrest while others try to challenge the election process after the fact. These activities will not serve the country well. 

I’ve been snagged in a few social media threads by some of my Democratic friends. Frankly, they cannot concede that Hillary Clinton lost for any reasons other than Donald Trump is a bully and the people who voted for him did so because they are “uneducated.” Ideologically driven Democrats in particular cannot understand that these attitudes are exactly what contributed to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. 

Referring to people who do not support your candidate as “uneducated” is a strong pejorative. It will not win any influence with the voting base that you should be trying to win over. In fact, it will likely fire them up against you, which is exactly what happened. 

Concurrently, Democrats did nothing to invigorate their voters. I have been told over and over by Democrats that Trump did not really bring out Republican voters in large numbers; it’s just that former Obama voters did not show up for Clinton. They say that if Obama voters had come out for Clinton she would have easily won the popular vote and the Electoral College. Uh yeah, that is called losing. 

Democrats did nothing to invigorate their base. Bernie Sanders, the one guy who did capture the spirit of millions, was shown the door by the Democratic Party. Instead, they chose to ordain a candidate with the speaking skills of a medical examiner. 

The campaign of Hillary Clinton, along with Democrats and other liberals in the media as well as social media, only had one central message. Trump was bad. Trump was unfit to be President. Trump was a hater and love trumps hate. Those were the Democratic Party lines throughout the election. 

Trump accepted the role of antihero. For one, he understood the culture of reality TV and social media. We tuned in every week to find out who would get voted off the stage and if the scoundrel would hang in there for another week. Not to mention what in the world would he tweet next? 

Second, Trump flipped bad predictions about his performance with the oldest trick in the book; managing expectations. What was Trump during the primaries but a clown who would never get any votes? What was Trump after he was the nominee except the bombastic and detestable fool who could never win in the general election? 

This is similar to a common practice in business, which is to lower expectations when leading up to an acquisition. Then, after the deal is done any positive results seem spectacular.

This is what may be happening now as many liberals across the board are setting up Trump to be the worst president ever. For example, as Democrats set up expectations for the new administration that hit marks equivalent to Hitler, their party's favorite autocratic cliché, anything that Trump does short of genocide will likely make his approval numbers go up.

This doomsday strategy by Democrats could inadvertently create an environment where Trump could very well become a successful populist president with only minor changes and achievements in governmental policies. Trump might do nothing other than slap a different brand on the existing governmental package and if he does it better than those who came before the results might well be re-election.

Four years is an eternity in politics and I am not going to make any predictions. However, I want to throw this out there to stir you up. Even just an average presidency from Trump will dispel any fears about him. The millennial generation will be another four years older. 

Ivanka Trump is already secretly admired by millions of young professionals. The dress that she wore at the Republican Convention sold out nearly instantaneously. What Democratic woman currently has that much merchandising power? Ivanka is smart, well spoken, and attractive. 

Don’t discount the notion that Donald Trump might be paving the way for Madam President Ivanka Trump to be in the White House in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, Republicans have the White House and the Congress for the most part along with new governorships across the country. Now is their chance to get some good policies through and be inclusive to all members of society in the process. History is watching. 

Democrats need to have another theme during the next four years other than that Trump is the latest sign of the apocalypse. They also need a fresh candidate who is another version of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama in terms of crafting a positive and viable message that voters can clearly identify. 

It’s going to be interesting. 

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