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I’m Billy Dees and I am so glad that you paid a visit to my website. Thank you.

About This Site 

Billy DeesThis website is a collection of opinion based articles and editorials. The range of subjects is broad based and not categorized by a theme. Social issues, current events, and pop culture are among the topics featured.

Anyone that would like to suggest a topic for me to editorialize can do so by emailing me using the prompt on the website in the upper left. The content of email sent directly to me is not posted on the site.

I am not a fan of fancy designs especially for websites that feature articles and editorials. I have designed this site to be clean and easy to read.

I invite new visitors to scroll down the blog section for some of the archived posts. A complete listing of my blog entries can be reviewed by clicking on the Blog Journal Archive. Some of the older posts are removed as their relevance wanes and to keep clutter to a minimum but many are retained to give readers a history of the perspectives presented on the site.

There are also standing articles with their own pages within the website. They are listed on the pane to the left. 

About The Author 

I was born and raised in Ohio. My father was an engineer by trade, Civil War buff, and amateur film maker. My mother was the owner of a small watch repair shop.

The early days of my blogging.I was introduced to copy writing at a young age by my father who insisted on his son's help for film projects. This included on location shooting at historical sites and post production in the studio. My father made a documentary on the Battle of Gettysburg long before the current interest in the period. Probably too young to be filming Civil War reenactments at the age of 8, I tried not to flinch while cannon were firing.

I graduated from high school and attended Kent State University during the Reagan era of the 1980s. While in school I started a small but successful professional audio services company. It was my main source of income for nearly ten years. During this time I also enjoyed working as a night-club disc-jockey. I prided myself on being an excellent music mixer and entertainer. I worked at large clubs in Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron-Canton. The bulk of my club DJ career was at a very popular local restaurant located mid-way between Akron and Canton, Ohio. I still do voice-overs for radio and have performed stand-up comedy.

Rockin' the mic!I have always enjoyed science and in particular physics. It wasn’t until my 30’s that my interest in the universe truly blossomed. I have become intrigued with how we are part of a world that is not limited to the Earth itself. Our world, everything around us, and even the atoms in our bodies are products of an ever changing universe.

I am on Twitter and have enjoyed interacting with other bloggers, writers, and news junkies. Sharing concepts and learning about other cultures from all over the world has been very fun and rewarding.

I am available as a freelance writer for articles and editorials, along with a myriad of other projects and endeavors. Inquires and more information may be obtained by contacting me via email through the website portal located on the upper right of the site. Please include the name of your publication, website, or organization along with the appropriate contact information. There is a link to my media production company, Perfect Media Prods, on the right under Favorite Billy Dees Links. Thank you.