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Healthcare and Free College (Podcast)

This podcast talks about how we should reconsider the term “insurance” in regard to healthcare, free college as an entitlement, and standing (or not) for the National Anthem. Don't forget you can also find this podcast under the "Billy Dees" show on iTunes and Stitcher.  


Winter is Coming in Ohio (Parody)

Do you have time for a little humor? About 1 minute and 8 seconds worth? This is a voice-acted sketch-comedy routine I recorded for the sake of levity. It is a parody stylized from the Game of Thrones series. Hope you enjoy it! By the way, I really do hate winter. 


Interview with a 40 Year U.S. Navy Veteran (Podcast)

This podcast is an interview with Joe Prusacik, a veteran of the United States Navy who served for 40 years. During this interview we cover JFK, Joe's service during the Vietnam era, and how changes in military culture often relect those in society at large.

This podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher under "Billy Dees."

This photograph was taken August 23, 2016 at PerfectMediaProds Recording Studio 


The World's Oldest Profession? Well There's That, But Don't Forget the Business of Selling Hope

Nothing turns me off more than being told how special or talented that I am by someone just before his or her sales-pitch or hustle. Nothing.

Do you realize how special you are? There are no copies of you. You are an original creation. You are one of a kind.  You are a masterpiece. There isn’t anything you cannot do.

Words from Sunday morning? Part of a politician’s stump speech? The latest hyperbole from a self-help guru? Take your pick.

It has been said that the world’s oldest profession is prostitution. To paraphrase George Carlin, I’ve never understood why it is illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away. Moreover, I would only add that at least a prostitute is honest about what she is selling.

I’m not sure I can say the same thing about the purveyors of “hope.” Now there's a type of business that goes back a long way too. Anytime somebody starts telling you that you are special, you can bet that what follows will be a subliminal sales pitch for you to make a donation, accept a policy, or buy a book to take some of that “feel good dung” home.

At worst, these marketing tactics target the bereaved who are searching for peace and solace in their lives. On a wider scale, as a society, we are addicted to the idea of finding an easy path to self-fulfillment and achievement. Along the way to these often abstract goals we need constant validation and inspiration. Evidence of this is the endless barrage of feel good quotes and clichés which inundate our timelines on social media.

I understand the importance of being positive and we all need genuine encouragement in that regard. In addition, I'm sure that we all are able to appreciate a business leader offering unpretentious insights and guidelines into a given marketplace. 

What I don’t like is playing on people’s insecurities and raising their hopes and dreams to butter them up before selling them a bill of goods. It is the world's oldest slight of hand in the not so subtle business of persuasion, and at times, outright manipulation. 

You make your own luck.

Make today count.

Unlock the inner you.

The sky is the limit.

There you go, there’s several free of charge. Maybe I should start selling really good swift kicks in the ass? Only $19.95!

It seems to me that there is a real need for a few of those in the marketplace. 


"How to Write and Share Humor" by Donna Cavanagh

Donna Cavanagh has just published a new book, “How to Write and Share Humor.”  

Featured in this post is the book trailer for the release.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, a book trailer is a video about a book that is often stylized as a movie coming attraction. We chose a fairly straightforward approach highlighting the content of the book. Donna has had associates and friends send her pictures of the book from various landmarks around the country as part of her #SummerOfHumor tour. We assembled some of the images into a book trailer that I voiced-over. 

You can follow Donna Cavanagh on Twitter @dtcav and purchase her new book on Amazon

The week of August 1, 2016 I was featured in an interview by Donna on her site HumorOutcasts.com.

You can check out the interview post here. The feedback and support that I have received from staff members and readers has been fantastic and much appreciated. 


Introduction to Podcasting 101


The Multi-Dimensional Point of View

My Favorite Approach to Subjects

There is a certain pop-culture TV doctor who will often point out that in any dispute within a relationship, “No matter how flat you get that pancake, there are still two sides to it.” 

That remark makes for a cute television moment and will get a giggle from the audience, however, it is only partially true especially in regard to the wider dynamics of more complex societal issues. 

I would argue that there are many dimensions to explore regarding the complicated problems of today. I like to call them quantum perspectives. I believe that there are too many subjects approached simply from the ideological right or left. These problems reside in a multifaceted universe of circumstances in a particular time and space.

However, to go beyond the two-dimensional ideological universe of liberalism and conservatism is increasingly difficult in contemporary society. It seems as though we simply do not have time for nuance, too many details, or variable outcomes. 

We like our points of view to be emotionally aggrandized and easy to state with a slapped-on hashtag. 

You are either with me or against me. I’ll follow you if you agree with me. If not, you are a hater and your ass is blocked. 

This veiled reference to social media is not intended to single out the millennial generation. They have their pitfalls to be sure, such as their constant Hitler analogies.  I would be willing to bet that a good number of them cannot identify the Allies and the Axis Powers but yet are going to school me on the Third Reich

Society is becoming two dimensional as a whole. We align ourselves with those of whom we like. We repost the headline that falls inline with our ideology, even though we don’t read the article below it because the details don’t matter. In fact, often enough people will repost things based on the title, not realizing that the full-length article is actually in opposition to their views. This oversight is usually of no consequence because their followers don’t really read the article either. 

I have been writing about societal issues for a long time and recently have become a more active podcaster. I enjoy creating humorous and entertaining content as much as anyone else in the business. 

However, periodically I enjoy probing some of my self-termed quantum perspectives and opinions about a given issue. I do believe that researching and writing about difficult and sometimes controversial subject matter helps writers to grow. You don’t challenge yourself or others by writing about blue skies and chirping birds all of the time. 

At the same time, I am not advocating being a provocateur simply for the sake of pushing buttons.

One of my favorite creative things to do editorially, is to pick a subject that normally has two sides represented on social media and in society at large, and then go to a third, fourth, or fifth direction that the reader or listener does not expect. If you can challenge the reader or listener to challenge themselves, that is a much greater accomplishment than just making a point. 

I am lucky and grateful to have a small but loyal and astute audience for these types of posts and podcasts when I do them. Much of this audience is in New York, Philadelphia, and British Columbia. 

As an example of my work in this regard I am very happy with the feedback I have received about my podcast covering the subject of the Confederate Flag. I would like to invite more of my readers and listeners to give it a chance if you missed it when it was first issued. 

I am always interested in expanding my network of fellow editorial writers, podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers! You can follow me on Twitter @BillyDees. Tweet me if I do not follow back. If you would like to directly contact me about a project or possible collaboration please email me through the site using the email tab in the left of the site's main heading at the top.

FYI all of my podcasts are available on my Spreaker page, also available in the app. My featured podcasts covering subjects that remain relevant for a period of time are also available on SoundCloud and iTunes under Billy Dees. 


Podcast 6 19 2016 The Last Unrecognized Prejudice: Being Childless

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